Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
# 1 12-12-2009 , 04:59 PM
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New moderator


We have a new mod gster123 who has kindly agreed to help us out. I'm sure if your a regular here you'll have seen him around. He will be moderating the newbie and technical forums.

# 2 12-12-2009 , 05:10 PM
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Congratulations Gster123, I know you'll make a great moderator user added image

# 3 12-12-2009 , 05:49 PM
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Gster has always been a favorite of mine.


Good luck

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# 4 12-12-2009 , 09:58 PM
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Hey, congrats gster, don't abuse your new power user added image

# 5 12-12-2009 , 10:30 PM
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Ha, cool. Grats Steve.user added image

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# 6 12-12-2009 , 10:49 PM
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i always used to think he was one until sometime last year :p

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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# 7 13-12-2009 , 12:52 AM
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# 8 13-12-2009 , 12:51 PM
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Cheers Guys!


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# 9 26-12-2009 , 10:54 PM
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I'm not around often enoughuser added image

Congrats Steve!

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# 10 07-01-2010 , 02:21 AM
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Same here. Grazis!

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# 11 15-01-2010 , 03:43 PM
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Congratulations gster123!

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# 12 18-01-2010 , 11:42 AM
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Congrats Steve will be great .

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