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# 1 01-04-2003 , 02:26 AM
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When ever I render one of my creations the edges turn out fuzzy.
I look at the pictures on this site and wonder what I am doing wrong?
Can Photo quality rendering be done with MAYA?

# 2 01-04-2003 , 06:07 AM
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have you tried to change the anti-alasing settings
in the render globals there's a little pull down and it has anti-aliasing qualitity
try setting it to production
hope it helps

Thanks for wasting your time reading this line.
# 3 01-04-2003 , 01:30 PM
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Yep Tryed all that still come renders with jagged edges

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Originally posted by mumbojumbo_13

Because you aren´t closing your [img] tag. To close it just put a slash before the img in the second tag. (To see how it´s done, just click on the IMG button in the reply box, and check it out)

Sorry about hijacking this thread Nev, just helping a buddy with some trouble.

As per your renderings, there´s a number of factors involved in it, turning up the anti-aliasing might help, rendering a bigger image and then scaling it down in Photoshop might work also. Increase the Nurbs tesselation also (if present).

Much of the images you see here are actually box modelled which means at some point before rendering they have to be smoothed out.

Hope this helps,

# 5 02-04-2003 , 12:06 AM
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Can Photo quality rendering be done with MAYA?

photoreallistic quality renders can be done with maya, but only if you get the setting and the lighting right... and btw, a screen shot of the render globals should be helpful (and the scene too)

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Why dont you post the images you get and we can getb a better look at the problem.

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