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# 1 23-02-2018, 09:09 AM
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Exporting rig and animation

Hey all. So im having a few troubles trying to export rigs/animations as an FBX from Maya and was hoping someone would be able to help please.

So ive fully rigged a character with controllers, and constraints from these onto the bones. But quite simply when I export the FBX the controllers seem to lose their constraints. So the bones still effect the skin, but the controllers no longer effect the rig. Thus importing the mesh stuck in T pose and the controllers then animating alone.

I've tested this with a simple setup of a NURB controller with a parent constraint to a simple cube. Export the fbx and import into a new scene and/or unity and the constraint has detatched again and both the controller and mesh are selectable individually.

I'm sure this method worked perfectly during my studies using Maya 2015, so is it a case of something changing in versions after this or?

Any help would be so much appreciated. I've checked all export settings, including ensuring constraints is selected and read upon many other posts and forums etc but I just can't get anywhere with it.


# 2 19-02-2019, 12:41 PM
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I think you can try a few approaches here. First would be to attach your skeleton back to your mesh. I am assuming the skeleton is still linked to your current character/control rig. In that case, you could use Bake / Plot to Skeleton. This would copy all the control rig data to your character's skeleton.

But if you have only the control rig with animation data. Then you'd have to reimport your mesh with the skeleton, characterize it and set the animation source to your previous control rig or the character.

If you post a video or the project, it would be easier to debug. I hope this helps.

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