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How to open a Maya 6.0 scene??


I have a series of Maya 6.0 scene files (.ma) which I created way back in Maya 6.0 in around 2005. I would love to revisist them after 15 or so years being away from Maya. yet when i try to open them, all of the nodes appear to be there in the outliner, yet nothing is visible in any of the views.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi MikeD33,

I have had this happen too. Does your Orthographic Viewports show no grids? If so, this could mean that your camera is set to close.

Open the Camera Attributes from one of the Viewport Windows. The third smallest camera icon from the left-side will open the Viewport's Camera Attributes or click on the Viewport's "View" Menu and select "Camera Attribute Editor". Under the Attribute Editor > the "Camera Attributes" appear. Under the section called "Camera Attributes" > increase the number value for the "Far Clip Plane" by a lot (i.e. shows 10,000 bump it up to 1,000,000, if you know that your object is large). Then you should see something in that single Orthographic Viewport. Now, use shortcut key "F" to frame the object in the Viewport Window. If the entire object now appears you can just repeat this process for the other Viewport Windows.

If this doesn't work, then check to see if your Channel Editor is showing extremely ridiculous high number values. If that is the case, then that might also be a reason as to why the camera's Far Clip Plane needed adjusting.

I have had very good luck with this process, so I hope it works for you as well. Good luck!


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Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Well it appears that while all of the items were importing, they were just hidden - basic I know!

There's some work needed on getting things to render and for the surfaces to display as they should but all of the aniamtion and main items are there, which is great.

... now becoming familiar with Maya again after such a long break is another thing! user added image

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