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Finished Work Completed artwork goes in this section.

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07-02-2016, 11:52 PM   #1
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Red Demon - Hunting Humans
Hi All,

Red Demon
Modeling & Texturing: Zbrush(polypaint), Photoshop
Rendering: Mental Ray

I originally just wanted a character to learn rigging with but thought I would render it as best I could as a learning process. Here is the result with some older WIP's.

One thing learned is that using SSS with red skin is tricky. Another strange thing is that the red looks completely different on different monitors even when calibrated.

Rigged in Maya (python Mel)
Face Rig auto-setup
Biped Rig auto-setup


Textures- Alpha masks were created with Zbrush (with poly-paint), and then used in Photoshop to mask layers and color details like veins.

SSS Demon Texture:

Skull Modeling Session:

Mouth Of Hell (with a little photoshop work):

Older tests:

Attached Images

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19-10-2016, 06:35 AM   #2
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Looks great and yeah the marine muscle and the same thing with some colors looking different on different computers, especially reds.

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