Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
# 1 30-04-2015 , 07:21 PM
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Realistic Outdoor Environments

Working my way through the excellent outdoor tutorials - using vray this time. A bit of photoshop field blur goes a long way.user added image Dandelions looking too uniform though.

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Thats really nice. Wouldn't say uniformed at all.

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It does look nice but I do see what you mean about the dandelions, try adding some just flowering...............dave

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# 4 19-05-2015 , 01:24 PM
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larger field test

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# 5 19-05-2015 , 05:24 PM
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Looks nice. You need some dandelions that have gone to seed. I'm not sure about the DOF, it looks off. I see from your first post that it is PS blur? The foreground has too much blur and the background not enough.

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Looks really nice mate! Did you use the double sided shader or fast sss in vray for the grass and flowers? user added image

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Thanks for your comments - always appreciated!
Yes I think the dandelions are still too uniform - I'll have to back up a few steps. Ultimately I'll be using depth of field in the camera settings so Photoshop is a quick fix. The Shader is a vray material into a 2 sided mtl - I followed a 3dsmax Architectural Visualisation tutorial for the textures ( as I'm new to Vray. Looking forward to moving onto the plants/trees!

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I like it. How many polygons so far? Render times?

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Thats really nice. Wouldn't say uniformed at all.

I agree, its looking real nice, not uniform at all.

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# 10 04-06-2015 , 09:13 AM
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186639334 Polygons for 8307 particles. The render takes 9mins at 3000x2250 pixels. I'm working on the company's 2x2.66 6-core intel with 64gb Ram. I wouldn't hold up much hope on my home laptop with 4mb of ram hahahha.

# 11 05-06-2015 , 09:56 PM
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Can't wait for you to add real estate and more vegetation like trees to this scene.

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