Digital humans the art of the digital double
Ever wanted to know how digital doubles are created in the movie industry? This course will give you an insight into how it's done.
# 1 03-08-2003 , 12:27 AM
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Google died?

Any of you able to get to

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# 2 03-08-2003 , 12:30 AM
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I get it just fine here mate user added image

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# 3 03-08-2003 , 01:52 AM
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I just use the google toolbar

Yeah, but no but yeah but no....
# 4 03-08-2003 , 03:07 AM
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I love that toolbar


- Jacob
# 5 04-08-2003 , 12:08 PM
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the popup blocker on the new beta toolbar has saved my life.

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# 6 04-08-2003 , 12:45 PM
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Just so everyone knows here is a link to the Google Toolbar beta 2.0 which includes the afore mentioned popup blocker. I think it's really cool. It also includes it's own preference editor this time user added image.



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