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27-11-2010, 05:19 AM   #1
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Transparency texturing issue in maya 2011
Hey everyone I'm new to compositing video in maya for 3-d integration. I've been having a problem with my renders, they aren't appearing as they do in the viewport.

My object is completely transparent, and should be invisible, as it looks in the viewport, but when it renders, the transparent object leaves some artifacts on the image plane containing my video..

Heres some screen shots.

The top half should not be visible, and you should be able his face.

Both are set to be completely transparent, but its distorting my image plane's video source.

Basically in the video, the top and bottom half of the prism surrounding him (made of 2 pyramids) at various times during the animation fading out, disappearing a re-appearing.
with no transparency, it looks fine.

Anyone know what the solution to this problem might be? My project is due monday so I have to solve it this weekend. And the next time I see my teacher it'll be too late.

I've tried fiddling with all of the render settings, in all 3 render modes (mental ray, maya hardware, maya software) every switch, checkbox, and slider, (individually) then re-rendered, and still it comes out strange.... I just want it to look like it does in the viewport! I hope someone can help solve this frustration..

Thanks in advance!
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04-12-2010, 03:43 PM   #2
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It's very hard to tell from the screen shots but to me it looks like you are picking up reflections or specular highlights at the edges of the transparent tetrahedrons

What material are you using for the tetrahedrons? If the object is to make them disappear you have have to crank down the spec and reflection (these can be keyed). But as anyone on this forum would tell you I am no rendering guru.
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