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07-06-2005, 08:50 PM   #1
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scale tool doesn't rotate after rotating the local rotational axis
Hi there all,
Long time no see. Anywho, I had asked this question before though I didn't get any answers. What I am tring to do is, I am tring to align the scale tool in the same direction that the selected vertices are going. For example, lets say that their are 4 selected vertices which are positioned in the following coordinates...

vertex 1 = [x = 1, y = 1, z = 1]
vertex 2 = [x = 2, y = 2. z = 1]
vertex 3 = [x = 3, y = 3, z = 1]
vertex 4 = [x = 4. y = 4, z = 1]

... this means that I want the scale tool to follow this same direction, this way the vertices will be scaled proportionally. I have found an older thread here where skramer8e had asked pretty much the same question. mmckinley had replies back to him by saying that you need to rotate the local rotational axis by which is the question mark icon (miscellaneous) in the component mode selection masks.

Well, after doing that, and then clicking on the scale tool, I see that it didn't rotate. However, this works when I want to change the angle of the move tool. So is there any way I can correct this so that the scale tool can do the same?
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