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Changing Font colors ?

Hello there, I joined here in hopes I may find an answer for a problem that been plaguing me for a couple days now. Any reply is appreciated.

I managed to Maya working great in Ubuntu Linux ( With an official linux compatible CD, not piracy or ISO's or running through WINE or anything weird like that. ) with just one problem: THe font color for the gui text is almost the same as the gui itself, making it practically unreadable.

Changing Ubuntu font colors has no effect on it either. Does anyone know of any way to change this ? if there are alternative skins for maya that can be installed then that would work just the same.

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The font colour of the menu and windows are derived from the OS colours and as far as im aware there is no way to change them except by changing you colours in your OS preferences.

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That is a bit odd. I have not run Maya for a very long time, but should the text not be black by default? The text in any default Linux desktop should also be black. Why is it not working?

The widgets look a bit like Motif... That isn't something that Ubuntu uses by default. We need more about your setup.

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