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# 1 11-06-2021, 12:03 AM
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retoptologising a 'folded cloth' mesh


I've recently been trying out Marvelous Designer and have pleasing results taking the garment from there to Substance Painter for texturing.

The UVs are good, coming from the MD pattern. Now I want to retopologise the mesh keeping the original seams and layout.

I'm finding some parts difficult to get around - for example, I have a pleated sash made from a simple rectangle, folded and stitched. Once MD had simulated it, it looked cool but is pretty complicated as a high-res obj - I can't get into the folds and overlaps to place the points and polygons.

The annoying thing is I can see the basic shape laid out nice and flat in the original UVs, all it needs are a bunch of square polys across it. Is there any way I can retopo over the UV layout, or otherwise flatten the mesh a bit so I can get in a little easier?


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