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Default New User. Sketchup editiing in Maya

I'm new to Maya and taking a basic class. I use AutoCad and Sketchup daily. I'd like to know if anyone here models in Sketchup, imports the models and animates in Maya. My work is really architecture based and the speed of modeling in SU is very important. I have imported one of my SU models into Maya and it worked great. However, I was trying to find how to add subdivisions in a face but could not. I doubt I would do much actual editing of SU models in Maya but I like to know how. Again I'm still in the introduction stages with Maya so I could be missing some obvious things.
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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but you can add divisions to a face in a few different ways. One way is to smooth the model, which adds subdivisions to all faces (might not be what you want). You can use the split polygon tool, which is probably the way you want, or even the cut faces tool, which slices a new edge through the whole model.
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i always find with sketchUp models that it is easier to light and texture them if they are separate layers in sketchUp. That program is quick, but spits out some ugly geometry.

(or maybe its just my girlfriends models.)
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Thanks for the quick replies. I think the split/slice might be what I need. Haven't addressed that tool yet.

SU is really quick and easy--and even more easy to ignore good object organization. This then transfers wherever it is imported.

I've read a tutorial about importing SU files and that worked well. The writer did talk about setting up the hierarchy for the import into Maya. I did not do any of that though. I understand the parent/child elements, but wonder if my SU methods might not work exactly right. Here is what I do

In SU the safest and fastest way to work is to draw everything on layer 1. Then after the objects are completed, group and/or component-ize them. I then make separate layers for the group/components and move them to their own layer. e.g a walls layer, a floor layer etc. I expect that within Maya I can then assign Parent/child attributes. e.g., wall parent with railing as the child.

Anyway, I'll try to play with this further.
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Thanks KA I have never seen sketchup...just DL the free one...interesting!

"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes
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