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07-12-2007, 06:15 AM   #1
Andy Gee
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Help linking up the ocean shader, and a blin/dielectric material ?
Hi 2 all

I have a question regarding the ocean shader and a dielectric shader ?

Well I have a scene which will be underwater, Now I am following a DVD on how to create an ocean using Maya fluids all is fine up to that point

Ok here is where I am getting frustrated. I want to create a fresnel effect on my water surface so it will act properly form below or above according the cameras position.

So first I used a sampler info node and plugged Its facing ratio into a ramps V cords. then plugged the ramps out colour to the transparency of my ocean shader, it sort of worked but it doesnt look half as good as what the dielectric shader can do.

SO... here is what I would to know is there a way of keeping all of my ocean shaders wave altering options ? ie wvae height scale foam immition etc... and apply say a blin material at the end with the dielectric shader applied to it ??

I know what your saying why dont you apply the dielectric shader to the ocean material like you do for the blin ?? well I tried and the ocean shader doesnt have the connections that the blin does.

OK I have to say I am not that great at hooking up nodes I am still learning, so please correct me If I have said something that is incorrect about the shaders mentioned.

If anybody can help sort this out that would be great.


Andy Gee
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