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24-05-2006, 06:43 PM   #1
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Rigging basic question
Hi guys

I have created my first skeleton with a simple model I see people using circels or other type of geometry to control the moves on the arms legs etc, is there a turorial i can find or what should i parent to the geometry to do that?

thanks in advance
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24-05-2006, 08:09 PM   #2
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the way I tend to do it is to put circles in the skeleton heirarchy. it leaves the joint structure intact, and (if the specific setup asks for rotations) usually allows me to make rotations to re-adjust the iK setup on the fly (without having to resort to iK/fK switches). Generally what happens is I put the circle I'm going to use as a control centered at the point of the joint (the center of every joint counts as a 'point' in maya snap stuff). Then, I put the circle into the joint heirarchy, making sure to move the joint into the circle that's centered at the same location. Its not necessarily the best solution, but it works You might be able to rig something using point contstraints, but I haven't used them for things like that, really
One thing that this doesn't account for is iK handles - those you have to parent to a seperate set of control curves (for a couple of double-transform problem/reasons); at least sorta. The basic idea still applies though....
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23-06-2006, 12:18 AM   #3
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there are many ways to bring in intuitive handles to control your rig. As long as You are not familar with constrains - i would not use them :bandit:

An example for the constrain method is the reverse footcontrol in the image. You lay down a 2nd chain on joints to control the 1st one via point and orient constrains. Then parent the 2nd chain to a curve. Quite common - but i don't like it at all.

On the left side is a pure IK set.
Be aware that you are unable to freeze transform on an IK handle so you don't want to animate an IK handle directly. Grouping is the name of the game. By simply grouping an IK handle to itsself you get a transform node that can be zeroed out and parented or grouped whereever you want.

So, let's go...
RPsolver for the hip-ankle, and SCsolver for ankle-ball / ball-toe. You can't see the ikHandles in the perspective, cause I hide them. In the Hypergraph they are visible. The 3 IK handles are simply grouped to get a transform node and the group (foot) is parented to the curve with the foot shape. I also added extra attributes for the foot movement.

So i can grab the foot shape and move it. The scale and visibilty is hidden via channel control cause you don't need them.

If You want, i can post a little howto rig the footcontrols since i didn't do it for the image.

At last some basic :

Why a curve shape and not some geometry?
: a single curve won't render - a piece of geometry will.. Imagine you batch render the scene and 20 hours later you see the little pieces of geometry in your render, you forgot to set to "don't render"

Do not apply any ik before your skin is bound and your weights are set. It's easy to go back to a bind pose by just zero out all joints rotation axis and you can check all streching and weights with FK. But with ik on it - it will be much more difficult.

Hope that helps


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