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15-12-2006, 07:56 AM   #1
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New With A Couple Questions
Hi all, new to Maya and working my way thru a couple tutorials. It's been great, but not easy so far. I have a couple questions I hope someone can help with.

First, on startup I get this: Pixel shading extensions insufficient to support hardware rendering.

I did a search and found a similar topic, but still unsure. Is this a video card issue? Or something else? I have a Sony PCV-610 but don't know off hand what card it has for video. Or is it likely another issue?

Also, when I use the Polygons Sculpt Tool I can click and drag to change things, but I understood I could just click to make small changes, yet when I just click away nothing happens. Is there another way to just make small changes with the tool?

And finally, how many of you all use a pad instead of a mouse? And which ones do you like?

Thanks in advance!
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15-12-2006, 08:24 AM   #2
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have you got the ' high quality view port render' turned on? if so turn it off from the view port menu (shading/high quality render)(mine does the same thing with maya 8)

wacom, most people use one.., for PS or scuplting, Z Brush, ect. not important though (thats debatable, depends how much experiance you have or if you know WHY you want one)

to sculpt you need to 'select' the area you want to scuplt.
select the brush, make sure it is on 'push' or 'pull' whatever, not on 'erase.'you will need a lot of resoution (lots of lines on your geometry) for example a poly plane has default ten divisions, but knock that up to 50 or it might look like nothng is happening.

if you are using nurbs you must make it 'paintable' (make paintable, check help files) i haven't used the poly scuplt tool much except to import textures onto planes. i use nurbs for sculpting, i think that is the usual procdure.
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