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30-07-2004, 07:21 AM   #1
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got maya in some goofy mode and now I can't snap to grid!!!
I need help.

I must have pressed a goofy function key by accident and got maya in some soofy mode that is ignoring snap to grid.

I can press either the hotkey OR the menu button to activate snap to grid. I select some vertices and I see the little circle indicating snap mode is active but when I move the vertices they just all slide left and right and do not snap!!!

I have tried everthing I can imagine but cannot get it out of this mode!!!

What's worse is it is somehow embedded in the preferences because quitting and restarting does not clear it. As long as this mode is on I am totally shanked up the cazoo and can't do anything!!!!
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30-07-2004, 08:24 AM   #2
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I dont know if this helps you in any way, but when my 'move' tool makes gooffy stuff i usually try to check the settings for the tool.

I don't know any other way to check it than this:

Go to -->Modify-->Attribute Paint Tool (Option Box).
The paint options appears on the right screen as they always do.
Then you click on your move tool shortcut, and some different settings for the move tool apperas.
What makes my tool gooffy, is the check box for 'discreet move.' If that button is checked my move tool acts gooffy.

Uncheck it / check it, try some other stuff.

Also remember; if you have 'caps lock' turned on, it REALLY acts weird.

Hope that helps you!

Good luck :-)
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