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21-10-2014, 10:37 AM   #1
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Proper increment of duplicated group members
Hi everyone,

don't know if my subject title is clear so let me elaborate.

when you duplicate a group in maya, it increments the group name but not the said group members, exemple:
group01 - object1,object2,object3
group02 - object1,object2,object3

resulting in a lot of objects with duplicate names, which is bad when you want to avoid duplicates at all cost for pipeline reasons.

one solution is to duplicate the objects first and then group them, resulting in this untidy mess:
group01 - object1,object2,object3
group02 - object3,object4,object5

I like neither!!

What I would like is a script that does the following, use a master increment for groups that is independent of member increments like this:

group01 - group01object1,group01object2,group01object3
group02 - group02object1,group02object2,group02object3

note that the postfix member increments is kept the same in each group.

So I was wondering the following,
A - if any of you saw a similar script during your many travels
B - if you could point me to the right mel function so I can try to patch a script together

*WARNING* please refrain explaining to me the subtleties of search and replace and adding prefix postfix. I don't want to this by hand on hundred of groups, I want to hit CRTL+D enter a numerical value and get said value as as many correctly named groups like previously described.

Thanks for any help in this matter!
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22-10-2014, 12:44 AM   #2
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Try using the "assign unique child names"(or something like that) option in the duplicate special settings.
- Genny
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