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23-01-2012, 10:22 PM   #1
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Your Ideal Maya Tutorial
Hey guys!
Basically, I'm physcially designing and making a 3D graphics tutorial book [aimed towards total beginners] for an A-Level college course project. I'm currently in the research stage for the project, so I'm visiting different forum communities for different 3D modelling and animation packages to gather data from my target audience directly.

I was wondering if some of you would answer a few short questions that will help me design the content for the book, which will be aimed at giving the community what they want to see in a tutorial (they will be avaliable to view online aswell). Even though the book is mostly geared towards those with no experience in 3D modelling/animation, I would appreciate feedback from a graphics artist of any level to see what their needs are aswell.

Thanks in advance!


Do you prefer:
- Video tutorials
- Reading tutorials online or in magazines/books
- Both

[Video Tutorial Related Questions]

In a video tutorial, do you prefer:
- Voice recordings that guide you through the tutorial
- Text explanations
- Both

In the video, do you prefer having illustrations to show you what to do?
[for example, if you need to use a certain menu or change a value in the program, should the tutorial highlight it to show you where that menu is?]

Does the length of a tutorial influence you to watch it?
[if it does, what is your ideal video length?]

[Text tutorial related questions, like the text tutorials found in magazines or books]

In a text tutorial, do you prefer:
- Short explanations with a screenshot to illustrate what you have to do
- Longer, more detailed explanations with a screenshot
- Text with no screenshots
- Any of these choices

[Misc. Questions]

Should a tutorial provide simple explanations? [so they are also easy for new comers to understand]

What is your idea of the perfect tutorial? (what content would you like to see in it?)

There isn't a right or wrong answer for these questions. They are meant to acommodate everyone's personal preferences. Thanks again for those of you who replied!
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