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Old 16-03-2005, 10:48 AM   #16
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SDK stands for set driven key .

This is a very useful animation feature, that links objects attributes together, making it easy to set animation keys on them. In Blomkaal/JDigital's arm example, you would use set driven key to make an attribute for the arm drive an attribute for the bulging muscle. Then, when you select the arm and move it, the muscle will bulge accordingly.

I find SDK very useful when rigging hands, as you can easily manipulate and animate the fingers.


When in!
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Old 17-03-2005, 10:55 PM   #17
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Also, if you are interested in learning SDK, on this site there are 2 free video tutorials on it. Go to the free videos section and look for SDK, that is where I learned it! There may be others in the other videos, but I am not sure.
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Originally posted by blomkaal
Ok here goes:

1. Create a half-sphere and position/stretch it where the muscle should be.
2. Parent the muscle to the shoulder joint. Make sure that it follows when you rotate the shoulder.
3. Use SDK to make the muscle bulge when the elbow joint rotates (using the muscle's scale and the joint's rotate attributes). Test it by rotating the elbow joint.
4. Select the ARM surface THEN the MUSCLE surface (influenced object followed by influence) and go to Skin -> Edit Smooth Skin (assuming that you've used a smooth bind) -> Add Influence.

That should do it... Hope it's useful... This is my only experience with Influence Obj's though, so please don't rip my head off if it doesn't work
I have a problem with binding the skin to a created biceps muscle. I have followed a tutorial, but when I in the end:
"4. Select the ARM surface THEN the MUSCLE surface (influenced object followed by influence) and go to Skin -> Edit Smooth Skin (assuming that you've used a smooth bind) -> Add Influence."
The only things that happen is that it creates a new muscle on top of the already created and types "Error: More than one object matches name: venstre_muscle" in the command line.

Do you or anyone know of such a kind of problem, and what to do ?

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