Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
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Aren't You Happy You Know Maya?

No matter what skill level, if you don't open Maya and run for the hills, aren't ya glad? Some people are afraid of or overwhelmed by Maya.

I see amazing work made with other 3D apps and it makes me want to dabble in them, but artists who are amazing will make any software look great. I'm not one of those amazing artists, but I love Maya's levels of complexity, tools, ease of use (for me) and updates.

My favorite 3D films are made in Maya. The Academy Award-winning blockbuster Frozen was created with Maya! So each time I get frustrated and stuck in another 3D app I think of what a Maya professor asked me, "If you know Maya, why are you using [software ___]?" Good question. Maya rocks.

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I love Maya it is spectacular and i have being using this software for a long time now maybe not as much as you guys but probably for around 6 to 7 years now.

The only problem I have with it is the Price but I think is ok taking in to a count its capabilities.

I started to use Modo lately i got it cheap (compared to Maya) with a 40% discount it cost me around 800.00 usd. The other program I started using a lot which has become my primary 3d app for character modeling is Zbrush and you can get it for about 800 to 900 dollars.

So with around 1,600.00 USD I got two monster programs. But I still miss Maya's tools sometimes. Modo is a bit hard to get used to but it haves some wonderful tools that can make your life easier but to be honest with you, Price was the only reason I change to Modo even dough I'm loving it right now.

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I've been using Maya for about 10 years now (since version 5). Never looked back.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
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I am happy. I just watched my Master's animation again today (it's gonna be on TV!) and it made me happy. It's a bit surreal to think that none of it existed and it was all built bit by bit in a virtual system. Irrespective of software, computer animation is an amazing thing.

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I think its crap. Been using it about 6 years.

I think it feels dated.

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When I'm learning something new it feels really frustrating but once I get the hang of it it's all smiles

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Been using it for 10 years and love it, it's my tool of choice and gets me where i want to go user added image

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There were 4 of you that I'd log in daily to see updates on .....
You, tweetytunes & Mr. Jackson with their mechanoids, and Jay with his "Outlaws" storybook.
The amount of fine details ya'll put into your models gave me inspiration to do more realistic when creating my woodworks (ie. computer desk v2, and my bedroom unit)
The computer desk is done, after adding the monitor illuminations that were advised,
haven't touched the bedroom unit from where I left it, but am planning on getting back to it again.
Still have to grok the gamma correction for the textures to look correct, then it'll be on to getting a better handle on lighting.

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