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04-07-2003, 06:34 PM   #1
Tim L
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If I have a bone chain with a cv-curve in it controlled by an IK spline handle, is their a way to mirror/duplicate that entire arrangement? I have a pair of long ears on a character I would like to control this way and wondered if after setting up one ear I could mirror the whole set-up to the other side. I have set each one up individually but for some reason the IK handle orients differently on one of the ears. By that I mean the three-prong handle at the end of the IK spline points the axis-handle back up inside the chain instead of pointing it down, outside the chain where it can be grabbed. If you can imagine a pair of long droopy ears hanging down with a seven-joint chain inside, and can see the IK handle at the bottom joint, one ear sets up with the axis-handle pointing straight down (how I would like it) and the other ear sets up with the axis handle pointing up, inside the chain. Any thoughts? Is there a way to include a screen-print in these posts? That way I could show you better. The bone chain is not straight but has some curvature to it. Should I make these ears perfectly straight for the set-up process and then position them to fit the geometry? If I do that, won’t it affect my ‘zeroes’ and my preferred angle? Does it matter if one ear has its IK handle oriented differently? Is this normal for a left/right pair of controls? If I’m making too big a deal out of this I apologize, I just hate it when something doesn’t seem to make sense. Why won’t they both set-up the same way?

Thanks for all the great suggestions in past posts!
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