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12-09-2017, 02:02 AM   #1
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Confused and struggling
Hi there,

I've spent weeks and weeks trying to work out how to do something. I've followed a good few tutorials now and done them fine. I'm familiar with the interface and a few of the basic tools like how to create basic geometry and even how to use the lattice tool to frame an object and use that to manipulate and shape an object.
My problem is, i'm trying to recreate this helmet.

Now, you know that feeling when you want to create something SOOO bad, or at least have a basic idea of how to do it? well this is my everest.. i've come quite close. but its just so messy. Mainly the area i'm having problems with is the face part. I can kind of get the mouth area, it's the face part im talking about (ignore the red markings on the blueprint). It's the eyes area and the cheekpieces i'm struggling with, as they connect to eachother, and i don't know how to even start working on them.
I've tried starting with a box and scaling it out and subdividing and then moving things around but i just can't get it even nearly right, could someone even give me a hand going in the right direction from a starting point? Im confused about that.
Im sure that if i had the first maybe 10% of it (showing me how you'd approach starting the visor/eyes down past the nose and those offangle square cheekpiece parts and how it all connects together around that area (the black/green eye hole/visor is surround going out to the ears and around to the cheekpieces etc by the same piece). I'd be MUCH obliged and i promise to pay it forward when im better and other people need help.

Hope someone can guide me in the right direction.
Here's a couple of images.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this. it's killing me just no knowing where to start. I can make many things, but i just can't grasp the right places to start on this one..
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