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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Job Openings at Amaze Entertainment

Attention all you 3D artists and animators (working, aspiring, and otherwise)! Amaze Entertainment is looking for talented people to fill two open positions on our art teams.

The first is a general 3D artist position with a leaning towards effects work. Think water splashes, exploding boxes, breaking columns, motion trails, etc. Technical proficiency in Maya is desirable. Some of the effect work will be done in Maya, some with our in-house game engine. Solid modeling and texturing skills are also good to have for potential non-effects tasks.

The second position is an animator. A strong grasp of and the ability to demonstrate the principles of animation is at the top of the list. Also important is the ability to hit different styles, i.e. cartoony, realistic, and some combination of the two. Experience working with cinematics helpful. Working knowledge of character animation in Maya is a plus. I won’t bother listing more requirements, because a demo reel means more than a resume.

These positions are somewhere between entry- and mid-level. We are not looking for senior people at this time. The 3D artist position is on a contract basis with the possibility of moving to regular full-time. The animator is a regular full-time position. Recent or soon-to-be graduates could qualify if their work is up to snuff.

For both positions, a strong portfolio and/or demo reel is of the utmost importance. Web sites are preferable, since more people can easily look at them. Game experience is a plus but not absolutely required. Other important job things include being a team player, being able to take direction/critique, being able to work with minimal direction, being able to manage your time, and, of course, being genuinely interested in making great games.

If you’re interested in either of these positions, please feel free to email me at with your information, a resume, and a link to your portfolio/reel. We’re trying to fill these positions ASAP, so don’t wait too long.

Danny Ngan
Animator | Amaze Entertainment
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Any studios in the UK? user added image
Those are some cool opportunities for people on these forums - good luck to whoever applies user added image


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bFlocking - a tool for Maya 8.5+ to generate flocking and swarming behaviours
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Sorry, no UK studios. It would be cool though. user added image

To followup on my original post, the positions are for our Kirkland, WA, USA office (just a short hop east of Seattle). We do provide health benefits, 401k, stock options, flexible vacation times, and a really great work atmosphere. Not to mention the free drinks and snacks, pool tables, arcade games, and, oh yeah, actually working on video games. user added image

Danny Ngan
Animator | Amaze Entertainment
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dang. i wish i was on the west coast.

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