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Connecting displacement plane to polygon cube

Hey I was hoping someone could help me out with this issue. I am trying to figure out how to connect a polygon plane (with a displacement) to one surface of a cube. Im sure there are many ways to get the result im looking for. I have tried attaching the displacement map to the cube directly, but it does the entire cube rather than just the top surface. Im trying to create 3d earth cutaway models that show the rock layers below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The texture is filling the entire 0-1 UV space most likely and all your cube's UVs are inside said space so yes the whole cube will be affected. I'd just layout the cube UVs then paint/assemble the surface and rock layer texture in Photoshop/Gimp/Mudbox/Zbrush or whatever so they're sitting over the appropriate UVs. Displacement also breaks apart surfaces in areas where are are UV seams, there are remedies for that found on these boards, I remember being in a thread about it.

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