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21-04-2013, 01:02 PM   #1
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mib_color_mix problem rendering diffuse and indirect.
Hi guys,

I'm really stuck with my project because of rendering issue. It seems like I can't get the diffuse and the indirect passes to render as they should be.
You can have a look previously what I get out of my render in this post, please see the link.
After this I did some changes to my shading network and I also exported my scene and opened as new scene but still I'm having the same issues.
Today I did small test and it seems that anyway there is a problem with rendering the Diffuse and the Indirect passes. For me, although I'm not very experienced, it seems like for the diffuse and the indirect the pass system can not process the alphas from the mib_color_mix node.
Here you can see some scree captures from the test I runed today:

Any help and information on how I can sort out this issue will be appreciated.


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22-04-2013, 03:01 AM   #2
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It doesn't seem like the color mix is properly compatible with the pass system. I'd love if someone shared a work around they've found!
- Genny
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24-04-2013, 10:00 AM   #3
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Ok this one seems to be somehow difficult if no one knows any work around this issue.
I think there is some way of rendering passes from the mib_color_mix as this is the final shader that the render reeds. The problem I think is also in the way how maya and MR are writing the alpha's, I think they use different info. for representing the alpha channels. I've seen some guys were recommending creating a custom frame buffers but not sure how to do it with the mib_color_mix.
Why they need to do something if doesn't work with the industry standards.
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