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08-07-2004, 11:34 PM   #1
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Again, an Image plane problem.

Sorry to all of you SimplyMaya experts, you must be getting tired with all these Image plane question .

Well anyhow, my problem is that Im one of those with a ATI card and gets a sluggish computer when working with Image planes. Ive searched this forum and found out that you referred to a free tutorial on how to set up an image plane (the shark tutorial) using poly planes instead. I followed that and and it works great, I can actually move CVs now .
My question is that if I wanna model an object, moving CVs, hull or whatever, I would like to press 4 and go into wireframe mode without Image planes disappering and then press 5 to smooth shade all. Now as it is, Im only able to work with an object thats shaded. Im sure its easy to fix and I`m sure I will feel really stupid when you tell me to "hit that key" :o , but I hope you guys understand what I mean and can help me.

PS. I know Im a newbie, you dont have to point that out and remind me. :p
Thanks in advance
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08-07-2004, 11:49 PM   #2
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Actually, the way I do this takes a little monkeying around, so don't feel too bad.

First, under the Shading > Shading Options menu, I turn on "Wire on Shaded." (The shading menu is in your view port and not at the top of the screen with the rest of the menus.

Then, apply a material to your object, like a new lambert, and make the transparancy of the material all the way down. Now, the geometry is invisible, but the wire is still visible.

I generally make a Set Driven Key control to make it easier going back and forth to the material attributes.

Good luck!
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