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12-10-2007, 03:47 PM   #1
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DirectX UVmap and Animation converter
Hello, I made some models in maya, and UVmapped them each. Does anyone know of a DirectX exporter for Maya 8.0 that has the following?: Animation exporter, original UVmaps exported with the model.

In other 3d modeling programs, the UVmaps don't work. When I export from Maya (.obj format), and import them into another 3d modeler, the UVmaps are all out of place.

I really need this to be shareware or free.

If Someone could provide a link to a site where I can get something like I described above, that would really help me. I've tried two other DirectX exporters and they don't work well, and/ or I don't know how to use them because the documentation isn't very good.

DirectX exporters for Maya 8.0 that i've used:
cv exporter

Thank you
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