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09-03-2006, 03:50 PM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 52
A Serious Project
Hi guys,
I guess this will be a long one, I am not posting this on anyother forums or so, just this one and only looking forward to genuine people who are in it for the same reasons i am.

I am putting together a short series, that will be aried on television worldwide.

Yes people... No joke.

I wont explain the details, as it is righted.

I am looking for people who are interested to do modeling or texturing. Can be simple environmental stuff or characters.

Concept, Script, Final Rendering and All rights are voided from the person who is doing it.

There is a time frame of course, and currently there wont be any payments,,,

Ok by now you will be clicking on back or something.

But whoever is still here after this. Here is the sweet deal. If you are chosen and work diligently, your names will go on lights, in the ending credits. Not to mention in your portfolio. I can supply you with final rendering after i have composited it.

This project is special for many reasons.

The top one is because there is no money made from this. Its for the Lord Christ.

Yes it will be a tale that spins around religion. I am looking for christians who will help a ministry in a project like what i am doing.

If you are seriously interested here is the timeline.

Ok i work on this project along many other commercial ones.

This is my personal effort and resource and everything. So i work on this everyday,, or night or whenever i have the time.

A modeller's timeline - Character - 3days to complete - 2 days for blenshapes 1 day for correction = total 1 week.

Ok thats tight but i am open till 2 weeks max.

If you are in a production commercial,,, the standards are much higher and you will have 3 weeks to complete a main character and 1 week for any bg character. Believe me i have done it in a week... Nights are usually lost on that one,,, since its a last min dec.. that there will be another guy standing there or doing something or just to make the scene better.

A texturer timeline = 2 weeks (all maps and necessary stuff, low res texturing, UV Linking, high res texturing or whatever the thing may be.)

Animator = I am not looking for anyone in that line just yet, but if you are super interested send me your link to download your reel and i will see from there.

Compositor & VFX = Me :attn: Ok this is what i mainly do in a daily basis - blue / green screen stuff,,, colors and much more detailed stuff.

I work with Shake mainly, Maya - particals, Loads of reference footage and more particals and rendered Mass Libray of personal stuff. Hmm,, Maybe i should post some pictures.. Oh well ask and i shall see what i can do.

I work also with maya to model... Ok by now you are asking,, why maya,, you have so many other packages that are better at modeling,, well... No other choice came up and i am using what others are using.

Ok thats all for now,

Reply this thread and ask questions, so that i can keep track of who is interested. If you want to mail me,,

Here is my address

Remember this is a project for a ministry and no income will be generated,, well spending is more that income, I am doing it for the Lord and I hope others are alike and want an opportunity to help out. We all can learn from one another.

May God Bless,
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