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Default How do you create a Final Gather pass?


I created this fruit tart platter using high values of skin shaders and rendered with Raytrace and Final Gather. So far, with the 4 animated cameras, my Final Gather map is over 14,000 kb and from what I heard, it is supposed to bring down the render time significantly and reduce flickering. Well, my scene is still 33 minutes a frame with no glow, nor ZDepth and I spend 2 nights using the school's 9 core processors' computers, actually took most of the PCs in the lab and even after 12 hours of rendering, the scene still flickers and very very noticably where the shadows and custard is.
I used the distance tool to measure the size of the scene which I put 5.8 max and .58 minimum for the FG radius, with Adaptive Sampling, Mitchell filter and secondary bounce.

It is flickering big time, and I can't put this on my demo reel. I tried rendering for 2 nights and it still flickers big time.
What should I do? Any suggestion?

Someone mentioned about creating a final gather pass...Does anyone know how to do that? And do I have to follow Nick Barton's Breaking the Skin Shader tutorial to render the skin shaders in layers?
It is kind of difficult.

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