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# 1 01-03-2004 , 12:35 AM

Question on Explosion Tut

Hi all,
Newbie first post here. Great site! And starting out in Maya, considering buying some points. But I have a of the tutorials I would like to download is the "Explosions for VFX"...I am wondering if VXF is something special (plug-in, program, etc) that you need to reproduce the tut in Maya. If it just stands for "video FX" and no special program required, then please accept my humble apology for being such a newbie.user added image Thanks.

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I have done the Explosion tutorials and they are great. I learned a lot from them about dynamics. The VFX just stands for Visual Effects, and is not a special plug-in or program. I did this tutorial in Maya 4.5, and it worked just fine. Have fun!!


# 3 01-03-2004 , 01:00 AM
Hey! Thanks a lot!

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