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# 1 04-07-2004 , 02:55 PM

Model flies apart

I have a model with several other models attached. Say for instance it is a car and I have modeled the basic body, but I have modeled the wheels, fenders and headlights separately. Then when I go to rotate the entire car for animation purposes, all the pieces do not stay intact with the model, they all go their own way, flying apart. What is the best way to correct this behaviour? It is very frustrating. user added image Thanks!

# 2 04-07-2004 , 03:05 PM
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Probably want to group it all together.

# 3 04-07-2004 , 03:27 PM

RE: model flying apart


I swear I tried that before.user added image

Thanks Mike, you have saved me countless hours of compensating with camera movements (yes that is what I've been doing instead of moving the model!) is that embarressment icon....ah, there it is....:o

# 4 04-07-2004 , 03:47 PM
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Guess you have to freeze transformations for all the objects

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# 5 04-07-2004 , 04:02 PM
hmmm....perhaps I spoke too soon. I have some objects with pivots attached and they got weird on me when I grouped the model together. When I try to put them back in their proper place, the geometry deforms. Will that freeze transformations help that problem? Thx.

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# 6 04-07-2004 , 04:03 PM
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Might need to unparent, ungroup everything, and then just give it one group. When you have multiple objects parented, grouped, etc, things can get funky sometimes.

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