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# 1 25-04-2006 , 12:21 AM

texturing an instance

Hi all,
I have pretty much completed a model I was working on. It is symetrical, so I decided to save memory and space and instanced it instead of mirror. Now I'm working towards texturing. When I apply texture to one side, it will not texture the "instanced" side. Even if I select the instanced side, it only textures the original. Can this be done or am I out of luck?
-- Dan

-- dvnobles
# 2 25-04-2006 , 02:48 AM
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I'm not sure but I think the instanced copy can't be textured, the instance copy is just maybe there as a guide only, i think, as you model one could try duplicating a "copy" of one half instead and then texture both the sides

not sure if this is any help, but just thought i give it a shot.

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# 3 01-05-2006 , 12:33 AM

Instance texture

No, I've textured instances many times before, so this was driving me crazy. The only solution I have found is to make sure I texture BEFORE I instance the object. Then, the instanced object will have the texture as well.
The purpose of instancing an object is mainly to duplicate like objects while minimizing memory/model size. The downside of instanced objects is you can't do any editing to them such as scaling, individually...which makes sense given their purpose.

If you make a cube, then instance can easily texture the instanced cube. The only reason I can find why I can't texture my instanced objects is because I duped them in the -1 X. So, as I said, I will texture them first before I dup them....kind of strange.

-- dvnobles
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