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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 08-04-2004 , 03:32 AM

Alpha-I shuttle

Just starting on the Alpha-I shuttle. This is a design I did way back in early highschool. I started with that basic shape and decided to change it because this is going to be a ship-to-ground short-range shuttle.

# 2 08-04-2004 , 03:35 AM

The first pic

Here is the basic conception pic....

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# 3 08-04-2004 , 03:36 AM


And here is where I'm at right now...

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# 4 08-04-2004 , 05:14 PM
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looking good, will be nice with lots of detail.

# 5 08-04-2004 , 07:03 PM

Another shot

A little more detail...BTW...I'm sure you can tell I haven't been doing this long. I seem to have problems with surface errors no matter how simple of an object I create. A tutorial on controlling (or fixing) that sort of thing would be nice. So far, I "fix" them by adding more edges...but I'm sure my basic technique is flawed as I have no training...anyways...more to come and love to hear comments...

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# 6 08-04-2004 , 08:21 PM

A few more shots

Working on detail...

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# 7 08-04-2004 , 08:26 PM

back view

From this view you can see how the VTOL turbines will to tilt for vertical take-off and landing. I have simple cylinders as placeholders right now. You can also see the rear retro stabilizers...these are for space manueverability only...sight course corrections. The VTOL turbines are for planetary use only, but could be used in space if necessary...

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# 8 08-04-2004 , 08:28 PM

Front view

Here is a front view...I really like the way the front kind of mimics today's space shuttle and other conventional aircraft's front config..

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# 9 08-04-2004 , 10:43 PM
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dangit youre all good ... oh well ...

# 10 08-04-2004 , 11:27 PM


Nah...I'm still a newbie...but these tutorials here have helped me out a lot! user added image

# 11 09-04-2004 , 01:59 AM


Added landing gear and particle weaponary...some detail to the VTOL thrusters...

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# 12 09-04-2004 , 02:00 AM

Rear Engines

From this rear view you can see the rear engines I've added as well as the detail on the VTOL...

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# 13 09-04-2004 , 03:03 AM


Okay...time to add some textures. Notice how the texture "washes" down the sides? Anybody know why that happens and best way to fix or keep it from happening? My only known fix is to cut the affected faces out and append new polygons in their places....

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# 14 09-04-2004 , 03:26 AM
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you need to uv map the model and straighten out the stretching in the uv editor.

# 15 09-04-2004 , 04:00 AM

more textures

OK...last one for tonight. Not crazy about the texture, but still working on it....

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