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# 1 25-02-2007 , 11:43 AM
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adjusting the specs

Alright I'm thinking about modeling the ship my grandpa was on in WWII. The USS Hornet CV-12. I found a "blueprint" of the CV-8, close to what the CV-12 looked like. I want to make this kind of realistic looking and make sure all the sizes are correct. My problem is, I suck really bad at math and don't know how to scale the measurements down correctly.

Here are the specs of the ship (some not useful but I just copy and pasted from wikipedia) and the "blueprint" I downloaded online:

Displacement: As built:
27,100 tons standard
36,380 tons full load

Length: As built:
820 feet (waterline)
872 feet (overall)

Beam: As built:
93 feet (waterline)
147 feet 6 inches (overall)

Draught: As built:
28 feet 5 inches light
34 feet 2 inches full load

Propulsion: As designed:
8 × boilers (565 psi., 850ºF)
4 × Westinghouse geared steam turbines
4 × shafts
150,000 shp

Speed: 33 knots

Range: 20,000 nautical miles at 15 knots

Complement: As built:
2,600 officers and enlisted

Armament: As built:
4 × twin 5 inch 38 caliber guns
4 × single 5 inch 38 caliber guns
8 × quadruple 40-mm 56 caliber guns
46 × single 20-mm 78 caliber guns

Armour: As built:
2.5 to 4 inch belt
1.5 inch hangar and protectice decks
4 inch bulkheads
1.5 inch STS top and sides of pilot house
2.5 inch top of steering gear

Aircraft carried: As built:
90–100 aircraft
1 × deck-edge elevator
2 × centerline elevators

user added image
I have to check with my grandpa and see if his was the angle deck ship or not.

My other question is, if anyone has done any modeling of big ships like this, if they have any wireframe shots it would be of great help to me. Or even any suggestions like build the hull seperate from the deck, which will be seperate from the control tower (which I think would be the right way to do it)... any help basically since this will be my first boat and my first big project.

Thanks in advance!

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thank you, looks interesting I've never modelled this way so this should be interesting. Hopefully it's as easy as it looks, which will still be complicated.
I'd like to end up turning this ship into an animation of a plane flying by and then landing on the deck. My grandpa would probably have another heartattack when he sees this... if it comes out to my expectations
Thanks again

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i've always said 'as far as scale goes, make sure it matches the other models in your scene'. other than that, you can make it bigger or smaller than 'to scale', as long as you make sure to factor in details, closeness of camera to render, etc.

so basically as long as your blueprints are proportional to each other, you can build it on the grid with 1 meaning 1 cm, or 1 meaning 1 km. if the model you create is in proportion to the blueprints you have, size doesn't really matter... after you're done you can always scale it up or down in size depending on the other models you have in the scene.

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I went to use the tutorial you gave me gster but I'm having a really hard time with getting the hang of curbs, all this attaching, detaching, rebuilding and so on I wonder if there is an easier way?
I was thinking nurbs or poly's but I don't really know how I would build them up to look like a ship.

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