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3d movie question

Hey I just have a quick question conserning witch 3d program is the most used in 3d movies

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Most likely Maya. user added image

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yea i'd say maya as well.
most studios I've visited were using it. ILM also uses a lot of Maya. People were telling me how the scripting and dynamics capabilities helps open a lot of doors compared to other packages.

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Its all swings and roundabouts. Maya and Houdini are used a hell of alot for particle sims. Softimage is pretty much up there when it comes to animation. Max as we know is the one mainly used for gaming development but all software is integrated to fit the artists if need be , people can make transitions from one piece of kit to the next these days without too much fuss as everything is getting more node based, even Lightwave is heading down that route.


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thanks for the replies I thought it might be maya og max

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