Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Desert Titan

Hey everyone. This is my first post here on simply Maya.

I have been working on many scenes and this is the first one to get done today.

I used Mental Ray, with sun and sky, and of course Maya! user added image

There are a few versions to look at, first is the one resized for forum viewing. (sorry, its still a tiny bit over 500kb)

user added image

The second is the original size of the render.
(1.30 meg warning) (960 by 720 png)

I usually render to my personal favorite which is 960 by 720.

I have two more images, one wireframe and one texture view.

Wireframe view
user added image

Texture View
user added image


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Overall this is pretty neat.
I think in general the textures could use some cleaning up, in the linked render the characters texture is rather blurry.
Also if that is the rendered scene and it is a final I'd suggest fixing the texture on the underside of the rock he's on as it is close to the camera so you should see lots of detail there. Right now it is a big blurry texture.
The model looks very cool.

Keep it up

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Thanks for your comment.

I had been thinking of modeling rock shaped models to attach to the cliffs sides.

That or apply bump mapping to the models texture.

I will probably work on a rock model to apply to the slopes, then apply the same texture.


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Pretty cool idea and model.

I agree that the textures need a bit more work.

The shadows on his belly seems very dark. Even with dark shadows during the day, you can see what's underneath.

A little more work and detail and it would look great.

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I had thought of lightening him, but the original render, the one out of maya was deleted it was lightened allot. I used a color correction on it to give it a more depth look, and it darkened all the colors a little bit.

Black is very overpowering, and it blended it to much and darkened it a tad to much I suppose. user added image

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Welcome to Simply Maya! :attn:

Lighting needs to be fixed.

The shadows don't match on the big orange thingy and the little white guy.

The shadows on the big guy are too dark for that type of lighting. Check your settings and try again. Also, try deleting the whole lighting setup and insert a new one. Sometimes things can get screwed up if you change a setting. In the Hypershade, delete the three physical sun_sky nodes and then the light itself, then put in a new one.

------- EDIT -----------

Since your lighting needs work, I've moved this to the WIP thread.

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