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07-08-2009, 01:25 AM   #1
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A few newbie questions
Greetings... recently i started my transition from Softimage to Maya since its way easier to get a job with Maya in the Country i live in. I am happy with Maya so far and many things are similar, but there is a few things that are making seams in my workflows. I use Maya 2009.

1. I was looking for something that is similar to Softimage raycast selection and i found it - its camera based selection in tool properties. But i want it only for certain component modes. For example its logical to have camera based selection for faces and edges, but i really dont want it on for vertex selection... when i select vertexes i want to select them all the way through. I really dont want to keep switching camera based selection on and off. Is there any way to set it individually or at least another workflow i could use ?

2. While working with camera based selection, ive noticed that my select tool doesnt select components that are behind another object. I want to select faces which i cant see because they are covered by another object, but i know they are there... and i cant :headbang: . Is there any way to change this? (I dont want to isolate my object every time, i want to select just a bunch of components)

3. I like to work with camera resolution gate always on, but in Maya theres large offset from the edge of viewport so it narrows my work area too much. In XSI film gate just cropped vertical or horizontal edges to match aspect ratio. Is there any way to change this offset.

And please, nothing about Paint selection tool. Ive spent a hour playing around with it and i found it useless. It really wont solve any of my problems.

Thanks in advance.

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