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# 1 03-09-2011, 06:21 AM
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animation and rigging questions

i have 4 questions
1. on the character i created i smooth skinned it i want to know how to undo that
2. some bones pick up points i dont want them to and it makes it look bad, so do i add more bones? move them around or is there a way i can edit what points get attached to each bone using envelops or something like that i used 3ds max before so i dont even know if maya calls them envelops im a newbie so not sure what to do at all on this one
3. when i do move the bones i have my character in a sort of t position so. the when i bind the bones and character together and i move the arm too his side instead of point directly outwards i noticed it only really pulls on on line of polygons as in i rotate it 90 degrees and it stretches them so they look bad on my model can i add more polys or is there a way to make it stretch out more on other polys my character has 60k polys so he isnt tiny
4.animation im sure theres an auto command thing where you can just move the object and it will mark it in the timeline i dont knwo how to do that
sorry for it being so long but i really need help wonder if you guys could help me out i want to be a part of a forum because i might need to know things and its a new community ways to meet people and all that. anyway thanks for any help you can offer
oh admins if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it

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# 2 03-09-2011, 12:55 PM
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1) in the Animation menu set click on Skin then Detach skin.

2) You have set the weight of influence on each joint per vertice, you can do this either with the paint weights tool (found under skin/edit smooth skin ) and paint 0 influence on the verts that you dont want to effect. Search Modifying skin weights in the help docs.
Another method would be to use the Component Editor where you can directly modify the values of individual skin point weights. Search Editing skin point weights in the help docs.

3) You might solve with when your weights are painted but if not then you will most likely have to add some more resolution in those ares so there is more vertices to influence.

4)If i understand the question you are talking about setting Keyframes and or auto keying the animation ?
This can be found in the help files by searching Keyframe Animation.

Hope this helps a little for you .

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# 3 03-09-2011, 01:11 PM
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thank you helped a lot all of them helped i can finally go onto the bit im good at coding thank you!

the fourth question
edit: sorted it all out thank you

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