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# 1 03-03-2004 , 12:18 PM
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Shadows on transparent objects?

I have a transparent floor in a scene I've made, but I still want shadows to appear on the surface as normal. Is there any way I can do this?

# 2 03-03-2004 , 05:03 PM
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raytrace and use refraction in Mental Ray

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Is the only way to do this?

I may have been misleading saying transparent floor, as its not a glass type floor that I want. What I want is a completely invisible floor, which still receives shadows from my character walking across it. Does that make sense?

The closest example i can find is this:

user added image

Only instead of a white background there is going to be an image filling the whole screen.

# 4 03-03-2004 , 08:59 PM
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give the floor plane a "use background" shader.

# 5 03-03-2004 , 09:29 PM
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Thanks a lot.

The trouble is now the shadows on the 'floor' are black and fully opaque. I need them to be semi transparent grey. How can I do this?

Sorry for asking (what I assume are) stupidly simple questions!

Edit: Done, sorry!

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