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Selecting faces without selecting the back faces

You would think that there would be a setting to allow you to select some faces with the lassoo with out it automatically selecting faces on the back of the object.

Well in maya, it seems like you can't

You CAN do this in 3dsMAX

I have tried fiddling around with backface culling, this doesn't work.

If anyone can suggest a way of doing this or can direct me to a script or something that would make my day.


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backface culling works for me.

Select the object, go to Display > Custom Polygon Display > Options. Turn on backface culling (toward the bottom). Apply.

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I've found maya's back face culling to be a little suspect as well. The thing that annoys me is that there are about 3 ways to turn it on/off which aren't the same... :o

The way that mike said should work or you could try (with an object selected I think) display>>component display>>backfaces

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