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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Need skilled photoshop legend for mod site

Hey guys. This is my first post here but an important one. I am the lead developer of the sprmod for call of duty united offensive. You will propably not have heard of this mod yet because we have decided do stay low until our website is up so that when we release our first wave of screens they can all have the url on and we can get maximum exposure.

We need someone to do some art for the site and we need them fast. We also require some logos (for the mod and studio)

I am posting here in hope of a fast enthusiastic response

If you want to see the calaber of our work you can take a look at the videos;38520#Download

(these are very out dated and the scene is much better now but you get the idea)

and have a look at the attached screen

Important: the site on that particular screen is not actually linked in any way with the site we are making, we use it for forums

(plenty more where this came from if you want to see)


Thats the ergent part. We also need one or two offical mod artist to make, wallpapers, a main menu screen, load screens etc.

Finally if you also enjoy skinning we would like a few skins made (we already have some)

This is going to be a big 20 sp level mod and its going to be produced to a great standard so having some of you guys along would be a pleasure for me and you

thanks phantomdentist (Tai Havard)

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Sure, I'll sign up. I have a huge knowlage of html, java, flash, dreamweaver, and javascript. I also know photoshop off by heart, and I am also a video game developer in C++, Java, and Visual basic. I have great understanding of what makes a game go, and I have also looked around in my copy of Battlefield Vietnam.

...wallpapers, a main menu screen, load screens etc.

I can do that as well.

We need someone to do some art for the site and we need them fast. We also require some logos (for the mod and studio)


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