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Default Walkerman's addBodyCode Procedure

This is the third procedure called, in the Walkerman program.

If you are stepping thru Walkerman with the script editor, you would be doing this:

int $n = 1;

Then we come to this procedure:

global proc addBodyCode (int $n){

Here we are just building strings so we can use them later in the code. . . .
string $bb = "bb" + $n; // gives "bb1"
string $hc = "hc" + $n; // gives "hc1"
string $hl = "hl" + $n; // gives "hl1"
string $hr = "hr" + $n; // etc . . .
string $ls = "ls" + $n;
string $rs = "rs" + $n;

Now the FUN part . . .

Here we build the string we need to add the mathematical coding for the expression we want.

string $exp1 = $hl + ".rotateZ = " + $hl + ".legSpread + tan(" +
$bb + ".clock * " + $hc + ".hipSwing/" + $bb
+ ".initYposition - .5)-5.74;";

Not a wide enough window to show the expression properly here, but it builds to a string:

hl1.rotateZ = hl1.legSpread +
tan(bb1.clock * hc1.hipSwing/bb1.initYposition -.5)-

Now we actually create the expression:

expression -s $exp1 -o hl -ae 1 -uc all;

Jumping to a easier expression:

string $exp3 = $ls + ".tx = -"+ $rs + ".tx;";

builds the string:

ls1.tx = -rs1.tx;

Then we create the expression:
expression -s $exp3 -o rs -ae 1 -uc all ;

Everything that follows is basically the same functions being repeated to create coding for all the joints in the body. . . . and lots of fun stuff like MATH - a fun can of worms to open up if you have the time and patience. . . .

Keep in mind that the code

ls1.tx = -rs1.tx;

could also be:

ls2.tx = -rs2.tx; or ls4.tx = -rs4.tx;

Depending on which character number you are building.

Then we want the parent of all the joints selected as we exit the procedure . . .

select -r $bb;


The only complicated part of this procedure is the math . . . .
Building the sttings for the code can be a pain too, but you can print the expressions out in the script editor to see what they look like and then edit them as needed.
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