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Render only shadows shader

I want to know if there is any shader in maya that only renders the shadows that is cast apon the object? Or is there one available for download somewhere?

In this tutorial that type of shader is mentioned but for 3d max.

"So now we want to render out out shadows for the whole sequence. MAX comes with a material called 'shadow/matte' that will only render shadows cast on the object this is ideal for our purposes. We can apply this material to the objects in the scene such as my proxy CPU, desk, wall and cup."


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Actually, you can render shadows seperately for any material you're using. It depends on which version of Maya you're using but, basically, you just assign the model to a render layer then choose to only render the shadow pass. Then you composite the pass with the other layers in After Effects or one of the other compositing programs.

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Thanks alot for your help!
But i found that the "use background"-shader was what i was looking for :p

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