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Visual effects shot for jet propulsions - HELP!!

Hi guys,

I'm doing some initial research for an upcoming project where I will be doing allot of work with jet propulsion and reentry objects into the earths atmosphere. I don't have much experience with dynamics so wanting to get as much work in now before I start the project in a few months. I need tutorials on working with building these types of effects for both jet after burn and reentry flame effects. Essentially the project is building a launch and reentry sequence!

It would be much appreciated if anyone has suggestions on training DVD's that are specifically about the dynamics of these types of effects that would be involved.

Maya is being used to build the geometry and Shake to composite the layers. I'm unsure where predominantly this effect should be built. Any advice on tutorials, resource, websites etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to anyone that can help!

Best regards,

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