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Maya 3DS Import

I'm looking for a particular file: 3DS.lib import file for Maya. Some say its in bonus tools, others in fbx, but all I need is just this one file, so I can begin importing 3DS models into Maya.

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What? I dont get it..

If youre modeling in Max, then you export your model as a .fbx with all the settings you like. Then import that model into Maya and its ready to go.

At least thats what I do. I don't understand what you mean otherwise.

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I got Bonus Tools, but there was NO documentation that came along with it. Consequently, I have to find out how to INSTALL it, as well as accessing it in the Maya menu.

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If you are using Version 7, then try this.

Go to WINDOW and then select SETTINGS/PREFERENCES and then PLUG-IN MANAGER. The look for the BONUS TOOLS PLUG-INS and you will see 3dsimport.mll. Select LOADED and AUTO LOAD.

Go to FILE IMPORT and click on the little box. Under FILE TYPE select 3DS.

I have a feeling you will be disappointed once you import the model.

But this should work.

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I happen to have found the Bonus Tools Win 32 version...and now everything is working OK. Thanks anyways!user added image

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