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# 1 25-12-2006 , 02:18 PM
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organic man modeling-- converting poly to subdividz

Hey guys

I'm working on the organic man tutorial and I've converted my polygon body to subdivz like on the movie, but after the transformation I hav way more subdividz faces than movie tutorial. I've followed everything set by step and selected the same option on the convert tab, but I still seem to hav way tooo many faces....

can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong???

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that base mesh looks like its over 2000 faces, am i right? umm, if you already pressed convert try pressing 3, if it doesnt smooth, than just raise the maximum number of faces to over 5000 or something, then it should work.... but i need to worn you, if you add that tool to the shelf, you cant change the settings, it alays goes back to 100 or w/e

i hope that helps ^_^

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errr... I dun't want to raise the number of faces or smooth it out, if you take a lot at the "video tutorial pic" his model has way less faces than mine after converting to subdividz..

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Hey man,

The topology from the Polys determines how the Sub-D layout looks. Go back to the Polygon geometry and check the layout and flow. You might find that there is geometry there that might not be needed. Once your tided up you may find the Sub-D geometry is a little neater. You are not going to get it exactly like the instructor has on the tute, unless you can duplicate the geometry and vertices to the exact X,Y & Z co-ords, it wont be.

Have fun and it looks ok to me.

Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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