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Holes in polygonal surfaces

heya guys, i'm D-vide from the netherlands and i've just started working with maya. before this i did a liiiiiiiittle blender graphics. i found this demo together with my copy of div-gamestudio, which i bought a few years ago

anyway. i'm working on a 3d model of the buster sword cloud has in final fantasy VII, pretty obvious choice, cuz it's my first serious project, it look very easy and, well, you have to start somewhere.

i've watched some free tutorials on the web like the basic charater modeling from kurt. and now i now enough to find my own way around.

so i started this project and the blade was ready in an hour or so. now, if you look at the buster sword, you see there are two holes near the top of the blade. i started building from a polygon cube and i don't now how i can make these holes in it, so, if anybody could help i would be really gratefull off course.

i'm sorry for the pigeon english, i hope you understand what i mean


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Here's a quick run-down of how the make-hole tool works.

1) Make a cube, and scale it up a little bit.

2) Go to Polygons > Make Polygon Tool; in the side, front or top view, draw a diamond shape "on" one of the cube faces. Be sure to make the diamond smaller than the actual face.

3) Select the polygon you just created, and translate (move) it so that it is near the side of the object.

4) Select both the cube and the polygon and combine them (Polygons > Combine)

5) Go to Edit Polygons > Make Hole Tool.

6) FIRST select the face of the polygon you created, and then select the face of the cube you want the hole to be in. Press enter.

You may have noticed that some of the geometry shifts its position to accomodate the geometry. If this does not happen the way you like it, go to the polyMergeFace node in the history, and change its Merge Mode; it's pretty straightforward what each one does :p

Knowing this will help you to create your holes in your buster sword.

You don't have to create a "perfect circle" yourself with the create polygon tool; make a poly cylinder, and set its subdivision caps to "0"; delete all of the faces of the cylinder EXCEPT for one of the caps. Move, scale and rotate it to get it to the right position, size and angle near your sword, and follow the instructions as above, and boo-yah...hole ^_^

Just a warning, though; in Maya 7.0, you will not be able to use the spilt polygon tool to create edges that have to do with a hole. You cannot begin to use the tool on an edge of a hole, and you cannot end the tool on the edge of a hole. Deleting your history will not cause Maya to forget that it is a hole.

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