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# 1 26-10-2007 , 08:01 PM
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rotation expression troubles

I'm trying to create an expression to make my instanced objects (simple disc shapes) rotate randomly as they fall. I have added a general PP attribute, but when I try this expression:

particleShape1.rotPP = rand (0,360);

I get an error saying :

Warning: Expression Editor: no particle object is selected.

This means that I can't go on to connect the rotation expression to the rotation of the disc shapes.

Any clues on what I have done wrong?

(I am following a falling leaves tutorial, but simply changed there instanced geometry to mine for a project I am working on).

Any help very much welcome, Cheers in advance.


# 2 26-10-2007 , 10:18 PM
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create a attr. since rotation is a vector u have to write something like this:

particleShape1.rotCustom = <<0,rand(0,360),0>>

ok. now go to the instancer tab and check allow all data types and under rotation chose, in this case to match the naming above, rotCustom.

now it depends what u wanna do where u write the expr in. creation or runtime.

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