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cloth effect without ncloth

Hi I´m working on an animation project for my studies. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use the ncloth plugin for it.
I´try to make a short animation in which bart simpson performs a skateboard run. In the first scene bart simpson should start the skateboard run at the springfield elementary school. Unfortunately I didn´t manage to give the Flag a realistic shape.

Does anyone of you guys has an idea how I could fix this problem. I just have expierence for a few weeks with maya.

Thanks a lot


Here ist a render view of the scene

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You will need to make it a soft body, and look into soft body springs, unfortunately I am a little too swamped at mo to describe the whole process as can be quite long winded, but if you Google a search for soft bodies in maya, in fact there are probably plenty of tuts out telling you how to this way anyway, thats all I can recommend I'm afraid.


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don't know how to help you, but the stars on the flag should be the part towards the flag pole

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Hmm, if i were going to do something like this (and not being able to use the Ncloth:angery: ) i would probably model the flag in SubDs and use a wave deformer to animate it.

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Thank you guys.

I decide to combine the wave deformer with the soft body. And it works ....

@Rhetoric Camel: Shit I forgot to flip the UV´s.

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