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Automated unwrapping of multiple objects using scripting

I have a quick question, that hopefully someone on here can help me with. I have a lot of small objects that I would like to unwrap (250 or so) using a standard spherical unwrap, and I want to create a script that would do it for me. The pieces are labeled "polySurface383" through "polySurface572".

The biggest problem I'm having is after getting the script to select an object is how to get it to unwrap it, mainly with some unique selection Maya does (look at the second line):

1| select r- polySurface383;
2| select r- polySurface383.f[0:119];
3| polyProjection -ch 1 -type Spherical -ibd on -sf on polySurface383.f[0:119];

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all!

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The second line is maya saying its selected those faces. which, if that's all the faces on the sphere, you don't need to worry about; I think all unwraps by default affect the whole object if you don't otherwise specify the faces.
as for the third line, you really only to input the following;
polyProjection -type Spherical polySurface383.f[0:n]
(where n is your last face)
although that assumes the default values for things are what you want (for an explanation of the flags in the command, look in the MEL command reference in the help menu).
Not 100% sure how to get it to count the faces like you need, though.

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I'm looking for a very similar thing, infact heres the exact thread I started elsewhere...

"I have a bunch of cubes and I would like to write a script that does an automatic map on them. I tried this after selecting all the cubes...

string $polyBlocksArray[] = `ls -sl`;

for ($myObject in $polyBlocksArray) {



I get an error saying "Doesn't work with multiple objects selected". How would I go about getting the loop to go through them one at a time and map that way?

Many thanks in advance

As is mentioned above I am looking for a way to do multiple projections, however it doesn't seem to like it with multiple objects. This is a real pain, any ideas guys.

PS. Soz for semi-hijacking your thread user added image

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